A two-day intensive program that engages students in an authentic, real-world learning experience. 




BICs call upon students to compete against a cohort of their peers and solve real-world problems in cooperation with a real-world business.

Students know they can deliver solutions that can change things in substantive ways, but they are hindered by a tone deaf system. BIC gives them a path to actually doing this. It lets them unpack and explore real-world problems and come up with ideas that become important for the business to implement. It gives the businesses that participate access to a wealth of approaches that can be many times more powerful than the conventional output of a standard consultancy.

The BIC is the flagship of a host of solutions aimed at changing how the world learns.


case studies


When GoGet hosted the Business Innovation Challenge, students were quite literally solving a problem that had the potential to drastically reshape their city…


When Optus and IAG insurance teamed up to challenge students about the future of 5G and the internet of things, it showed just what the BIC is capable of…


When Landcom and Incept Labs challenged students to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect in Western Sydney, they had to solve the problem from multiple angles...