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The world is changing. The goal posts for education have shifted and entrenched approaches have become impediments to preparing our children for the future. Incept Labs was built to help solve this problem.

We began as a social science research consultancy, specialising in large government-commissioned projects that examined educational systems. Our founders were inspired by their own idiosyncratic academic careers characterised by a potent combination of hands-on learning and rigorous traditional scholarship. 

We quickly built a reputation for undertaking research on some of the messiest social questions—questions that others didn’t want to or couldn’t tackle across education, governance and innovation. As a result, we were the first to generate directly comparative data between private and public sector perception on how sectors actually innovate. 

Incept Labs is known for identifying the critical questions that everyone should be asking, yet no one is. The defining difference of Incept Lab research is that, unlike conventional a consultancy, we never deploy a script when tackling a new challenge: every time a team does work, it’s for the first time.




Dr Robert Kay
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Dr Chris Goldspink
Chief scientist & research director

Robert Cooper



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